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Please leave the comment, when you receive the item :)


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3rd Oct, 2011 18:23 (UTC)
I received the package today ^__^ The doujinshi was really well-packaged and dejikos is a very communicative girl :D Thank you very much !
7th Nov, 2011 12:49 (UTC)
Bought one doujinshi.
Quick shipping, good communication.
Overall, a pleasant transaction. :)
19th Nov, 2011 19:18 (UTC)
Bought another doujinshi.
Quick shipping, good communication, item is exactly as described.

Thank you again!
24th Nov, 2011 15:08 (UTC)
Received my packaged quickly, great wrapping, in perfect shape, thanks so much! The doujinshi are beautiful and am very happy with them. :)
20th Dec, 2011 18:02 (UTC)
I received my book today in perfect condition. Thanks.
21st Jan, 2012 19:10 (UTC)
Responded quickly and nice to talk to (: the package was packaged perfectly and the shipping time was amazing! :D thank you!
12th Feb, 2012 19:24 (UTC)
Perfectly packed and shipped, in lovely condition! Good and prompt communication, and an ideal transaction.
13th Feb, 2012 02:50 (UTC)
I received my package safely and beautifully.
It was so fabulously packaged with great consideration!
She even taped a cardboard on one side of the wrapping so that it couldn't possibly get bent in any way during the shipping process.
Dejikos is also highly communicative seller, so there is no need to be anxious about waiting for a reply as well.
I couldn't have been more satisfied with the doujinshi that I purchased. (:
13th Feb, 2012 08:33 (UTC)
Sorry for late feedback! :(

Bought 2 Okane ga Nai doujin, wonderful service and VERY quick shipping :). Well packaged to avoid being bent or corner damaged from the postal service.


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28th Feb, 2012 22:11 (UTC)
Just got my doujin! dejikos always responds super-fast and the book is as well-protected as it could be for shipping! Never had a better transaction! Thanks a lot!
7th Mar, 2012 03:40 (UTC)
Just got my doujinshi in the mail this morning! The packaging was great; there was no way anyone was going to bend that rascal, and it was very quick to get here as well! Overall, a pleasant transaction! Will buy from again in the future~ ^^
22nd Mar, 2012 13:40 (UTC)
Love my doujins! Thank you so much!!
30th Apr, 2012 18:08 (UTC)
I got my doujinshi today, shipping was very fast and it was well packaged. The doujinshi is as described and in perfect condition. The communication was also very nice! Thank you very much!! ^_^
15th May, 2012 15:16 (UTC)
My package arrived today!! Excellent packing and shipping very fast!! I love them!!
Dejikos communication is really quick and explains a lot if you ask so AAA+

Thanks for all!! Hope to do business again soon!
4th Jun, 2012 06:16 (UTC)
My package arrived today! Communication was great and transaction was fast. The packaging was excellent and the doujinshi arrived quickly but safely.

Thank you very much!
20th Jun, 2012 01:37 (UTC)
My package arrived in the mail today, it arrived in excellent condition and quicker than expected! =)

The seller was very informative and friendly and would definitely recommend this seller =)

Thanks again~~
1st Aug, 2012 21:32 (UTC)
Terrific communication and thank you for being so patient with me.
It's in great condition, came fast, and I love it.

This person is an awesome and very polite seller.

Thank you~!
2nd Aug, 2012 20:43 (UTC)
Positive Feedback
Received the dj this afternoon (though was only told about it when I got home after work at night xD).

Quick shipping, well packaged and good communication. Flexible even.

Might do another purchase in the future, who knows. ^^
15th Aug, 2012 01:29 (UTC)
Great transaction! The book arrived quickly and was very well packaged.

Thank you! :)
13th Sep, 2012 12:25 (UTC)
Great transaction! The doujinshi arrived promptly and was in excellent condition! Thank you! ^^
18th Sep, 2012 05:18 (UTC)
POSITIVE - Highly recommended!
I got my package today, thanks so much for sending it so securely and so quickly. ^U^
26th Oct, 2012 03:53 (UTC)
Another seamless transaction! Thank you!!!
29th Dec, 2012 19:21 (UTC)
Got my package in very good condition and great communication. Thank you!! :3
29th May, 2013 00:12 (UTC)
My package arrived today!
Fast shipping, excellent communication.

Thanks for a smooth transaction! <3
12th Jun, 2013 10:36 (UTC)
I purchased two Tiger & Bunny dj's last week. They arrived today, which was extremely quickly, and were very well packed.

I definitely recommend this seller and would buy from her again ^_^
13th Jan, 2014 23:36 (UTC)
Positive feedback
Very good buying experience! The seller replied quickly and clearly, shipping was fast, the package was extremely carefully packed and the items in brand new-like condition. Recommended, would buy again!

Thank you for the doujins, they made my day!
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