Rules & information

1. To view ALL raw entries, you must add me as a friend first.
2. LEAVE A COMMENT with a reason why do you like to be added.
3. Password to all files is: lR74GsO8b2
4. Scans are labelled as LR which means low resolution.
5. I can send HIGH RESOLUTION scans only to scanlation gropus. * SAMPLE
6. Say THANK YOU when you download raws, please.
Hello! :)
Would you kindly add me to your friends list? I'd love to be added because I'm just a fellow BL enthusiast and would love to be able to read and be exposed to more wonderful stories and mangaka.
Thank you very much in advance and have a great week!
I sent you a PM. Hope you got it. :)
Hello! Hope you'll add me to your friend list because I'd like to see your scans. Thank you for your hard work!
I'm from russian scanlation team we try our best and buy our own raws but sometimes we have no opportunity to do it. :( Moreover it's really hard to buy magazines.
Besides I saw you're planning to scan Asada Nemui's works. I t's so great because I'm really a big fan of her!
Thank you again! Hope to be added.
Hi there! Found your lj via a link from a friend~
Added you because I like BL and would like to start testing my currently average Jap by reading Japanese raws ^^
Thank you~
hi, would you mind to add me as friend? the reason is, because I wanna see some raw scans works from you. Nowadays some of good mangas are still in raw, and some mangas that I wanna see is still in raw too, so that's why i wanna see some of your scans. And also, it's fun to meet people who share same hobby; Yaoi^^ I will respect all your rules and will be abide by it^^ thank you so much..
Hi there
Hii I found here from nihonomaru and was thinking of joining in your livejournal. i like reading raws as reading them is the only way to get to feel BL genre's unique bitter-sweet-ness. Hope you'd add me. : )
My last comment was kind of vague... Well I buy Japanese BL and I'm also poor XD so seeing scan samples really helps me know whether I want it or not and also I can't buy everything because see above (really wish I could just zoom add everything to cart sometimes). I noticed you on Nihonomaru but I swear I've seen you around somewhere else cause I know I've seen your watermark and I feel sure it wasn't someone reposting it! I do hope I can be added back. And thank you for sharing those Kijima Hyougo chapters because I enjoyed looking at them :)
Hi, I came from nihonomaru.
I'm interested in your scan because I love bl.
Would you add me as a friend?